Nasty Women



Nasty Women. The World is Full of Them. 

I've been privileged to meet - and learn from - incredible, strong women, from all walks of life, during my travels over the years.

The women I've connected with, to date, radiate beauty from the inside out. They have inspired me and many others, not only by their commitment to their work and causes, but also by their sheer tenacity and endurance, often in the face of adversity.

Historically, one of the greatest challenges women have grappled with is both owning and finding significance in the work we do. Women, globally, take on both the "menial" everyday tasks, as well as the ambitious initiatives that are changing their communities - and our world - for the better. It's time we (PUBLICLY) acknowledge and celebrate these achievements. 

This (ever-growing) collection of interviews is meant to shine a light on - and celebrate - the significant accomplishments of women around the world. The interviews are raw and honest, and they don't sugarcoat; they are merely a reflection of the complexities of these dynamic women.


We all know amazing women doing amazing things. If there's a "Nasty Woman" you think we should interview, or if you're just interested in learning more about this project, 

fill out the contact form.