Photography featured in this image is by artist Benoit Paillé, displayed at the Galerie Blanc (Montréal, Canada).

'The Cultural Curator' was founded in 2008 by Jacqueline Stein.


Canadian-born (and globally-raised), Jacqueline has spent many years living in far-off destinations. She’s called Vienna, Austria and Lusaka, Zambia, where she worked with two leading organizations advocating for the rights of women & girls, “home”, as well as New York City, where she helped spearhead the US launch of the world’s most ‘socially relevant’ fragrance line. Somewhere in between, she set her sights on London, England, and earned her Masters Degree in International Communications and Development. Most recently, Jacqueline was based in Havana, Cuba, where she put her degree (and her skills in journalism) to good use, producing videos, writing pieces for national & international media, interviewing local leaders and meeting with government officials.


A perennial passion for culture, human rights, fashion and the written word led Jacqueline to establish 'The Cultural Curator' blog, which gradually evolved into the site that you see before you.


Jacqueline has had her writing featured in Bust, Faze and Photographers without Borders magazines, and in various online publications, and has engaged audiences internationally on the subject of young leadership.


When she isn’t hopping planes, trains, or automobiles (or even when she is), you’ll find Jacqueline maintaining curated guides (where to eat, drink, explore and shop) to select cities around the globe, and working on a project close to her heart: creating an ever-growing global ‘archive’ of women leaders (aka: “Nasty Women”) worldwide, whose change-making efforts are contributing to the world in extraordinary ways.

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